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When you’re sick, the world seems to slow down, and it’s hard to focus on anything other than your discomfort. The team of medical professionals at Alamo City Urgent Care, LLC in San Antonio, Texas, understands how you’re feeling and are here to assist with thorough flu and strep testing services. Call the office to book your appointment or simply walk in for a quick screening visit.

Flu/Strep Testing Q & A

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What is the flu?

Experiencing fever, coughing, a sore throat, runny nose, chills, fatigue, or body aches, might mean you might have the flu. The flu is caused by a virus and often occurs during colder months.

What are the symptoms of strep throat?

Strep throat usually presents a terrible pain in your upper throat that’s most noticeable when swallowing but present even when you’re not. You might also see little white bumps at the back of your throat or have a fever or the chills.

How does strep testing work?

Strep testing begins with a rapid antigen test, which requires a quick swab sample from your throat. If no antigens are present, a throat culture might be the next step.

A throat culture also uses a swab, but this time, in the back of your throat and tonsils. This test shouldn’t hurt but might briefly trigger your gag reflex. After a lab reads the results, which can take a couple of days, you receive them.

What’s flu testing?

Rapid influenza diagnostic tests, or RIDTs, can provide results in around 15 minutes. These tests work by detecting antigens, the toxins or foreign substances that prompt your body’s natural immune response to the flu.

Another flu test is called rapid molecular assays, and these work by detecting the genetic material of the flu virus. Additional flu testing options are available, and your doctor determines which methods are best for your case.

Why should I get flu or strep testing?

Coming in for professional strep or flu screening is the best way to get an accurate diagnosis, and the first step of any treatment course. Expect to begin to feel better after taking the prescribed medications and following the advice on self-care.

The mental component of flu and strep testing should not be underestimated. When you’re ill, it’s easy to imagine your condition is worse than it is — an assumption that leads to undue stress at a time when your body is already weak from fighting off an infection. Strep and flu testing tells you and your physician exactly what’s wrong, which can bring significant peace of mind.

Don’t suffer from flu or strep when effective screening tools are at your disposal. Schedule your appointment with Alamo City Urgent Care, LLC by calling, or simply stop by to check for appointment availability.